Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine Blooms

On the day before Valentines Day. Paopao and I went to a mall and discovered a booth (Cream of the Craft) that is selling snowy flowers! We were both amazed by the cute and tiny flowers. These flowers are actually real flowers that is already dead that has undergone the process of frosting technology to maintain the moisture content of the flower. The flowers by the way is a type of Chrysanthemum. It closes when sprayed with water and goes full bloom when dry. :)
Paopao bought me 5 blooms that day <3. A few days later. I decided to make a pot for these flowers. Its made out of a used plastic container of a sharpener (the one that holds the waste from a sharpened pencil), stacked with Styrofoam on the inside, wrapped with a palm leaf that i found on my school which I posted before and topped with hot glue covered with oil paint. :) Sorry I was too lazy to do photo ops of the process :)