Sunday, June 8, 2014

Papercut Monogram

On my previous post, I did a papercut art and challenged myself to do a more challenging one. Having seen this while browsing on Pinterest, I was inspired to do a papercut monogram of each of the letter of my friend's name and decided to give it to her as a birthday gift. I started doing this 4 days before her birthday and I failed to give it on her day because I haven't finished it yet. It took me a week to finish the letters K Y S S A because i still have to juggle my time between teaching art to kids and household chores. I can't work on it full time. :( But hey! it's always Better Late Than Never! 

I tell you, the whole process is very very veryyyy arduous! It really takes a great deal of endurance and patience. But one thing's for sure, the finished product is all worth it! ;) 
So scroll down to see how I did it. Enjoy! :)

I started off by drawing my desired pattern on the letter.

I flipped the letter because I want the one with the drawn pattern to be the rear part of this monogram so that I don't have to erase the pencil marks anymore. 

 So here's the finished pattern. Quite intricate for cutting right? ;) 

Ready, Set, CUT!

Reminder: If you want to make one, just cut with all your heart. This project entails a LOT of Patience! and oh yeah! Expect some swollen fingers too!

 And it's done! Phew!

So this is how it looks like after cutting off the surrounding extra paper.

I pasted the papercut on a colored paper based on my friend's fave color so that it will have a contrasting color. 

Then pasted it on an illustration board for it to be sturdy. No one wants lumpy monograms! One more step and....

 ... It's finally DONE!!! :) So here's the finished Papercut Monogram!

Here's a colored picture of the mongoram :))

And here's the whole thing ;) See! It's all worth the pain! ;)

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